About Proposition 62

California’s death penalty system is broken beyond repair.

Proposition 62 Ends a Failed Death Penalty System

In California, the death penalty system stopped working many years ago, but taxpayers continue to pay for it. No one has been executed in California in ten years. Since 1978, California taxpayers have paid $5 billion to maintain the death penalty and death row, and executed 13 people. That’s an average cost of more than $384 million per execution.

Replaces a failed death penalty system with a strict life sentence, work, and restitution – saving taxpayers $150 million per year.

Swift and Certain Justice

Prop 62 ensures convicted murderers serve a strict life sentence in the general prison population. Victims’ families can rest assured knowing guilty inmates will never leave prison.

Instead of maintaining an expensive death row with special treatment, Prop 62 requires first degree murderers to work and pay restitution to victims’ families.

Prop 62 ends a biased death penalty and guarantees California never executes an innocent person.

Major Taxpayer Savings

Constitutionally guaranteed appeals and legally required special facilities and accommodations result in death sentences that cost the state 18 times more than life in prison without parole.

Replacing the failed death penalty with life in prison without parole will save taxpayers $150 million a year, according to the state’s Legislative Analyst.