A Failed System

Why we need Prop 62.

The death penalty system has failed California

It’s Ineffective

The death penalty system in California has failed and ground to a halt. 747 inmates sit on death row, more likely to die of old age than to be put to death. We have not executed a single convict in more than ten years and there is no evidence the death penalty reduces crime.

It’s Expensive

California taxpayers have spent $5 billion to put thirteen people to death – a cost of $384 million per execution. Constitutionally guaranteed appeals and special accommodations for inmates on death row result in death sentences that cost the state 18 times more than life in prison without parole.

Doesn’t Provide Closure

The death penalty is a false promise to victims’ families. The legal process keeps the families of victims tied up in hearings and appeals for 20 to 30 years. Families of murder victims have said the long and uncertain death penalty process causes them additional harm.

Risks Executing An Innocent Person

Despite lengthy appeals guaranteed by constitutional due process rights, the risk of executing an innocent is person very real and unavoidable. DNA technology and new evidence have proven the innocence of more than 150 people on death row around the country. In California alone, 66 people had their murder convictions overturned because new evidence proved they were innocent.