About Prop 66

Deceptive, Poorly Written and Expensive

Prop 66 makes the death penalty system even worse.

The Prop 66 Deception

Prop 66 – another initiative on the ballot in November – doubles down on the death penalty and spreads the costs and burdens to local courts and counties.

With 747 inmates on death row and $5 billion spent since 1978 to execute 13 people, the death penalty system is broken beyond repair. The deceptive, poorly written and expensive Prop 66 only makes things worse.

Adds new layers of appeals. Prop 66 takes an already complicated appeals process for death penalty cases and adds two additional layers of review.

Drains local court resources. Prop 66 moves death penalty cases to lower courts and prioritizes them over other types of civil and criminal cases. The judicial system’s ability to handle issues like business claims, family custody hearings and traffic tickets in a timely manner would be negatively impacted.

Brings the problems of a costly death row to local counties. Prop 66 distributes 747 death row inmates – who require separate housing, guards with specialized training, security level IV facilities and unique physical and mental health accommodations – around the state.

Forces inexperienced attorneys to handle death row cases. Prop 66 requires public defense attorneys to take death penalty cases regardless of whether they are experienced or qualified.

Puts counties on the hook for attorney costs and legal fees. Prop 66’s costs of appointing attorneys to the 355 death row inmates currently in need of counsel will be picked up by local taxpayers.

Exempt from oversight. Prop 66 exempts lethal injection “cocktails” used by the Department of Corrections from public oversight.

Maintains the death penalty and all its problems. Prop 66 keeps the death penalty, makes it more expensive and still does not solves any of the problems. Victims will still wait decades for justice. Taxpayers will pay even more. And there’s still the unavoidable risk of putting an innocent person to death.

Vote NO on Prop 66, and YES on 62