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Watch our videos that tell the story of Prop 62 and why it's time to end the failed death penalty system in California.

Ron Briggs

Ron Briggs helped lead the campaign in 1978 to bring the death penalty back to California. Now he knows that was a big mistake, and we’ve been paying for it ever since.

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Broken Beyond Repair

California’s failed death penalty is broken beyond repair, but taxpayers continue to pay for it. Since 1978, the death penalty cost taxpayers $5 billion. In that time, the state executed 13 people, a cost of over $384 million per execution.

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Beth Webb

Beth Webb has faced her sister’s murderer in court almost 50 times. If we don’t pass Yes on 62 — she’ll have to face him over and over again for another 20 years.

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Dionne Wilson

Dionne Wilson’s husband, a police officer, was killed in 2007. She asked for the death penalty and her husband’s killer now sits on death row. But now, she knows the death penalty doesn’t make us safer, and she strongly supports Yes on 62 to end the failed death penalty system.

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Kirk Bloodsworth

Kirk Bloodsworth was an honorably discharged former Marine, sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. And as he puts it, “When they slammed that 300 pound door shut, my life was over.” But thanks to DNA testing, Kirk was proven innocent.

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Vote Yes on 62 to end the costly, failed death penalty system, ensure a strict life sentence, make prisoners work and pay restitution, and save $150 million every year.