July 19, 2016 Press Releases

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Endorses Yes on Prop 62

by Yes on 62

LOS ANGELES – California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom released the following statement endorsing Yes on Prop 62 to replace the death penalty with life in prison without parole:

It is time to admit that by any measure, the death penalty is a failed policy. It does not deter crime, it is a waste of money, and I personally believe it is fundamentally immoral. Yes on Prop 62 will replace the death penalty in California with life in prison without parole, saving California hundreds of millions of dollars every year and abolishing a system that is administered with troubling racial disparities.

Since 1978, California has spent $5 billion to execute 13 people. While I respect the fact that reasonable people will differ about its morality and debate the implications of its racial imbalances, everyone can admit that $384 million per execution represents a broken system.

I realize that this is a controversial issue that raises deeply-felt passions on all sides. But I also believe that decades from now, like with so many other once-contentious issues, America will look back at the death penalty as an archaic mistake. On issues such as this, elected leaders owe it to themselves and to their constituents to speak up and speak out – regardless of political consequences.


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