Growing support for replacing costly, ineffective death penalty with life in prison without parole. 

Los Angeles – Today’s Field Poll showed Prop 62 on a path towards victory, with 51 percent of voters in favor, 45 percent opposed and 4 percent undecided. The results mark the first time a death penalty repeal measure has exceeded the 50 percent support in the poll’s history.

The Prop 62 campaign released the following statement:

The more voters learn about the high costs, injustices and ineffectiveness of the death penalty – and how’s there’s no way to fix it – the more they agree that Prop 62 is the only real solution for a failed death penalty system. In the last few days before the election, we will continue getting out our message that passing Prop 62 to replace the death penalty with life in prison saves taxpayers $150 million dollars a year, provides certain justice and guarantees California never executes an innocent person. 

The Prop 62 campaign recently expanded its advertising. In addition to Los Angeles, T.V. ads are airing in Fresno, Chico, Monterey and Santa Barbara during the final week before Election Day.

The Field Poll revealed bad news for the poorly drafted and unworkable Prop 66, showing the initiative trailing Prop 62 and sitting below the 50 percent threshold needed for passage.

California death penalty facts

The death penalty costs 18 times as much to administer as life in prison without parole. California taxpayers have spent $5 billion on the death penalty since 1978, carrying out 13 sentences during that time.

In addition to being costly, the death penalty has proven to be ineffective justice. It drags out the legal process for decades, denying closure to many victims’ families. Due to its arbitrary application and other factors, the death penalty does not achieve any of its supposed crime deterring benefits according to a 2012 National Academy of Sciences study. The death penalty system has also come under criticism for racial and economic bias.

Despite lengthy appeals guaranteed by constitutional due process rights, the risk of executing an innocent person is unavoidable. DNA technology and new evidence have proven the innocence of more than 150 people on death row around the country. In California alone, 66 people had their murder convictions overturned because new evidence showed they were innocent.


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