Los Angeles – Today at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Kash Register was officially exonerated after being wrongfully convicted of robbery and murder, and serving 34 years of a life without parole sentence for a crime he did not commit.

“When I was 19 years old, I was convicted for a murder I had nothing to do with. I was placed in a cage and told I could never return to my family and community. I lost my freedom, my future and my place in society,” said Mr. Register.

The Yes on Prop 62 and No on 66 campaign issued the following statement.

The exoneration of Kash Register – who could have faced the death penalty – is just further proof that our justice system makes errors which sometimes take decades to correct. With the death penalty there will always be a risk of executing an innocent person before the truth comes to light.

Prop 66, which recklessly tries to rush justice and puts death penalty cases in the hands of inexperienced attorneys, only increases the risk of wrongful execution. Prop 62, which ends the death penalty and replaces it with life in prison without parole, is the only way to ensure California never puts an innocent person to death.

John Van de Kamp, who was the District Attorney for Los Angeles when Mr. Register was convicted, said, “As long as we have a death penalty, we can never completely eliminate the possibility of human error and the execution of an innocent man or woman. I’ve seen enough wrongful convictions in my time to know that we are not perfect, and our system makes mistakes. I urge voters to support Proposition 62, which would prevent this injustice, and to oppose Proposition 66, which will only increase the chance of an irreversible mistake.”


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