38 editorial endorsements from diverse range of perspectives, reflect widespread momentum to end California’s failed death penalty

Los Angeles – With this weekend’s editorial from the San Diego Union Tribune, Prop 62 has earned the endorsement of every major newspaper in California, including the Los Angeles Times, La Opinión, Orange County Register, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury.

In total, 38 newspaper editorial boards have urged their readers to vote “yes” on Prop 62, reflecting diverse support for the ballot measure from different ideological and geographic perspectives across and the Golden State.

Editorial boards highlight a variety of reasons for passing Prop 62, including that it will save taxpayers $150 million annually, end a discriminatory, ineffective and irreparably broken system, ensure California never executes an innocent person, and deliver victims’ families certain justice and legal closure.

The editorial boards of the Orange County Register, Fresno Bee and Riverside Press-Enterprise – serving communities where many swing voters live – reversed their stance since Prop 34 in 2012 and now support ending the death penalty by passing Prop 62.

All 38 newspaper editorial boards also urged their readers to vote “no” on Prop 66, a flawed initiative that will not work, costs taxpayers even more and increases the chances of executing an innocent person.

Full list of Prop 62’s editorial board endorsements to date:


To learn more about Prop 62, please go to www.YesOn62.com.

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