Los Angeles – The Prop 62 campaign released two video ads highlighting the costs of California’s broken death penalty system.

The first ad, “Ron Briggs”, features the story of a lifelong Republican and former death penalty supporter who helped lead the campaign in 1978 to bring the death penalty back to California. He now views that effort as a “big mistake” which taxpayers have paid for ever since.

A second ad, “Vase”, talks about how the death penalty is “broken beyond repair” but taxpayers continue to pay for it. Since the death penalty was reinstated, it has cost California taxpayers $5 billion, with only 13 executions occurring during that time.

The ads are currently running on Facebook, targeted to swing voters across the state. They will be airing on cable and broadcast television in the coming weeks.

The ads are available for viewing on the Yes on Prop 62 website. “Vase” can be downloaded for use here and “Ron Briggs” can be downloaded for use here.

Prop 62 replaces the death penalty in California with life in prison without parole. It provides certain justice by guaranteeing the worst criminals will never be released and requires convicted murderers to work and pay restitution to their victims’ families. By ending California’s failed death penalty system, Prop 62 saves taxpayers $150 million a year according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office. Passing Prop 62 is also the only way to ensure California never executes an innocent person.


To learn more about Prop 62, please go to www.YesOn62.com.

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