Endorsed by 38 Newspapers

Yes on 62 has been endorsed by every major newspaper in California.

Endorsed by Every Major Newspaper


Los Angeles Times
“So how many of the 747 people on California’s death row are actually innocent of the crimes for which they might be put to death? It’s impossible to know….”
Los Angeles Times Editorial, October 13, 2016


San Francisco Chronicle
“Prop. 62, offers a straightforward and certain solution: abolish the death penalty, and replace it with a punishment of life without the possibility of parole…. Prop. 66 proposes a highly complex, probably very expensive and constitutionally questionable scheme for streamlining the appeals process….”
San Francisco Chronicle Editorial, August 25, 2016


Bakersfield Californian
“Ending the death penalty will end the waste of millions of tax dollars a year that should fund public services. And a life sentence without parole will give crime victims and their families more immediate closure.”
The Bakersfield Californian Editorial, September 18, 2016


The Fresno Bee
“This editorial board long has supported the death penalty… Today, we urge that voters abolish the death penalty.”
The Fresno Bee Editorial, October 15, 2016


Orange County Registrar
“Instead of continuing to tinker with and finance a failed system, California should abolish the death penalty.”
The Orange County Registrar Editorial, October 13, 2016


The Sacramento Bee
“Although Proposition 62 would end the death penalty in California, a “yes” vote would not imply a scintilla of sympathy for the 747 condemned murderers in California. Instead, it acknowledges the reality that the death penalty is dysfunctional and beyond repair.”
The Sacramento Bee Editorial, October 7, 2016


The San Diego Union-Tribune
“The wise thing to do is to shut down death row and join the other states and nations that rely on life sentences without parole to punish the worst crimes.”
The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial, October 23, 2016


San Jose Mercury News
“Capital punishment is barbaric, unfairly applied and does not prevent crime any more effectively than the prospect of life in prison.”
San Jose Mercury News Editorial, July 14, 2016


La Opinión
“Además, la condena a la pena de muerte se aplica de manera desproporcionada a personas de bajos ingresos y a las minorías raciales, reflejando así la discriminación y la injusticia social… La Proposición 62 eliminará esta injusticia.”
La Opinión, 15 Octubre 2016

English translation: “Additionally, the death penalty is applied disproportionately to people of low income and racial minorities, reflecting the discrimination and the social injustice… Prop 62 will eliminate this injustice.”